An extensive range of innovative luminaires with a perfect balance of technology and esthetical design. A focus on precision and quality during manufacture continues to uphold our  heritage 

Our full potential is revealed wherever exceptional projects call for ingenious, creative or particular solutions that can’t be catered for with standard solutions. Working closely with architects and designers, most of our luminaires have won international awards such as iF and Reddot. We are passionate about light

“ Our eyes are made to see forms in light; light and shade reveal these forms; cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids are the great primary forms which light reveals to advantage; the image of these is distinct and tangible within us without ambiguity. It is for this reason that these are beautiful forms, the most beautiful forms ”.


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Spectral Lighting collaborates we industry professionals to craft inspiring lighting solutions.Spectral Lighting is made up of individuals with over 30 years experience in delivering iconic projects throughout Australia.

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